Players Online: 135 / 1000
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Welcome to Red Diamond Silkroad Online Private Server!

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Hi everyone! There have been many requests for discord, so I opened one! You can join here

Hi everyone! Free Silk! Uniques give free Silk now! Scrolls have been added to the game that give Silk[1,2,5,10,20,50] when used. They are dropped by unique mobs, including job cave uniques! Amount of drop depends on the level of the unique. There is more than one drop per unique to support parties. Happy hunting!

Hello World! The server migration is now completed. The new host has double the amount of RAM for even better gameplay! If you have any issues reaching the server do not hesitate to contact me

Hi! It's so great to have you guys here! In the next couple days, the server is going to be moved to a new host with double the memory for better performance. There will be a little more server inspections than usual in the meantime. New client version [1.005] is also available. Happy hunting!

There is now a thread on elitepvpers, click here to check it out!

Server opening event! First 50 players to reach level 50 get 500 silk free! First 10 players to reach level 100 get 1000 silk free!

You can now get free silk by voting for Red Diamond SRO! Login and vote every day for free silk!

The server is now open! Download link available. Register and start playing now!

The website for Red Diamond SRO is now up!
Still working on the game server as there are a few things to be fixed here and there. Opening soon!
Facebook page also available