Players Online: 30 / 1000
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Welcome to Red Diamond Silkroad Online Private Server!

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Update: Skill Point Scrolls added. Small medium and large scrolls are sold in item mall, random scroll can be dropped from titan uniques(chance is not 100%, but can drop multiple if lucky). The latter gives between 1000 and 50000 SP at random, the ones from item mall give a fixed amount of course. Party matching 1 hour DC bug fixed. PS: Sorry for multiple version changes, one of the media text files got corrupted during patching. If you still dont see the names/descriptions of the items, just update to the latest client. Happy hunting!

Update: Haroeris and Seith no Silk scroll drop fixed. They will drop Silk scrolls as they should after the maintenance scheduled in 1 hour. Happy job cave unique hunting!

Update: Academy anti-farm system added. Academy graduation history is now kept in the database and is being checked automatically. Points are removed from the academy for each detected farm char. The exact algorithm used to detect farm chars of course will not be shared.
Current honor ranking has been kept intact but the points were reduced to make it a fair game from now on. This change should do good to the server as there is now incentive for helping noobies and no gains from mindlessly farming chars.
One has to help actual real new players to get honor buffs as it should be :)

Update: Stat point recall potions added. IP limit of 8 has been applied.

Update: Some cool new items were added to Arena Item Manager. The ingredients for Sabakun's scroll are dropped from Tiger Girl, Cerberus, Uruchi, Captin Ivy, Isyutaru, Lord Yarkan, Demon Shaitan and the Titan uniques. HP and MP recovery grain stacks increased. Repair hammer price decreased and 12 degree stones removed from item mall. 8 degree stone drop fixed.
Happy hunting!

Update: Quest rewards changed. All quests give 1 Silk now, except:

The rewards remained the same for zerk quests.
Repeatable quests only give Silk one time. The rewards are limited to the account, there are no IP limits for quest rewards.
Happy questing!

Update: Jangan Cave bug where mobs would overspawn is now fixed. Happy Hunting!

Update: New avatars added. Devil spirit S added. Devil spirit Magic Stone added. Alchemy stone, elixir and lucky powder stack size increased to 250. Happy hunting!

Update: Trading now gives Silk!.
To prevent spam, only 1 Trade Reward/Day/IP.
Happy Trading!

Update: Level 100 and level 50 Silk reward is now removed. Instead, you get Silk rewards for completing the zerk and inventory expansion quests.
Zerk Quests:
Inventory Expansion Quests:

Update: Spawn rate increased all over the map for more fun and better grinding. Champion and giant spawn probability increased too!

Update: Bug in Secret of Stable 2 quest where you cant take your reward is fixed

Happy New Year everyone! Free Silk! To celebrate the new year, the most active players are rewarded with Silk: At random intervals, a coupon code is generated and announced ingame in the server notice. The first player to use the coupon gets a random amount of Silk

Update: Fixed the DC issue in Togui Village lvl 35-50

Update: Guild penalty has been removed. Uniques drop pandora boxes now. Bug in gtop100 voting fixed where no silk was given for valid votes.

Update: copper, iron, silver and gold coin max stack increased from 50 to 1000. Sabakun's jewel added to item mall

Update: Server architecture updated. Mob spawn increased.

Update: Alchemy and attribute stones now have 100% success rate

Update: Captain quest (lvl 95) trap item cooldown reduced from 60 seconds to 10 seconds

Update: Arrow/Bolt stack increased to 5000, pet hgp and other potions stack that can be bought from stable increased to 250, fgw talisman drop rate increased by 10x

Hi everyone! There have been many requests for discord, so I opened one! You can join here

Hi everyone! Free Silk! Uniques give free Silk now! Scrolls have been added to the game that give Silk[1,2,5,10,20,50] when used. They are dropped by unique mobs, including job cave uniques! Amount of drop depends on the level of the unique. There is more than one drop per unique to support parties. Happy hunting!

Hello World! The server migration is now completed. The new host has double the amount of RAM for even better gameplay! If you have any issues reaching the server do not hesitate to contact me

Hi! It's so great to have you guys here! In the next couple days, the server is going to be moved to a new host with double the memory for better performance. There will be a little more server inspections than usual in the meantime. New client version [1.005] is also available. Happy hunting!

There is now a thread on elitepvpers, click here to check it out!

Server opening event! First 50 players to reach level 50 get 500 silk free! First 10 players to reach level 100 get 1000 silk free!

You can now get free silk by voting for Red Diamond SRO! Login and vote every day for free silk!

The server is now open! Download link available. Register and start playing now!

The website for Red Diamond SRO is now up!
Still working on the game server as there are a few things to be fixed here and there. Opening soon!
Facebook page also available